Dimitri’s work is often characterized by gestural brush-strokes and mark-making, and the impression of spontaneity evokes the aim to make art that while abstract was also expressive or emotional in its effect. Creating swirling and spinning lines, thin and broad, the large canvas‘ resonate a carnival Dionysian festivity.  Very often large in scale, my work is at times intense, spontaneous and deeply engaging.


Born Nicosia, Cyprus 1946, a full time visual artist. Lives and works in both Cyprus and England. Working on two main themes, the first body of work is inspired from traditional Greek Orthodox iconography and the notion of ‘Presence’, which he employs within his own modern icons and abstract work. This imagery depicts portals or windows or gateways that allow the viewer to enter, be absorbed or contemplate, reflect on others and themselves. This process has been realized from studying and understanding the significance of traditional Greek Orthodox iconography.The larger diptych paintings, some over two metres in length, demand a sense of absorbed concentration in the process of reflection, meditation or prayer. Use of colours are pursued after Byzantine colour styles as used in wall paintings and mosaics, Dimitri then utilizes the energetic and harmonious blend of juxtaposed relationships of colour in his work.


Further thematic work based on The Bacchae Project:

This project, in relation to the ‘Presence’ project, aims to understand, explore and possibly reinterpret through contemporary visual art a theme of Euripides ‘The Bacchae’. The intention is first to read Euripides, explore notions of the nature and character of Dionysus and his character traits as may be perceived in contemporary society. I aim to examine modernity’s fascination with the myth of Dionysus by focusing on questions of: agency, identity, community, psychological integrity and modern constitution of the self. 


Utilising painting (oils on canvas. 120x100cm), preliminary and explorative drawings, 3D masks and writing as mediums in the execution of the body of work. Artistic creation depends on a tension between two opposing forces, which Nietzsche terms the “Apollonian” and the “Dionysian,” although I will be focusing primarily on the creativity of the Dionysian tension.  www.dtsouris.wordpress.com


Having begun the task whilst in Cyprus at the Cornaro Art Institute, the work is all still in-progress. The images supplied include paintings, explorative and preliminary drawings. The first exhibition at Elements Gallery Cyprus, 2018.


A visual artist working in oils, primarily, has been tutor/teacher/administrator on many aspects of the arts and creativity, together as full time teacher of art at two independent schools in Cornwall and Devon.


Dimitri is also one of the founding members of The Goldberry Connection, a creative eclectic group of people from many backgrounds such as theatre, dance, visual art, marketing, writing, education, embodying a responsive aesthetic experience.



Mixed Exhibition, Exeter Community Centre, 2019

Elements Gallery, Larnaka, Cyprus 2018        

North Street Gallery, Ashburton, 2018

Studio Exhibition, Devon, 2018     

Devon Open Studios, 2018

Cornaro Art Institute, Larnaka, Cyprus, 2017

Gloria Gallery, Nicosia, Cyprus, 2017

Elements Gallery, Larnaka, Cyprus 2017

The Studio, Exeter. 2012 (3)   

iStorm Gallery, Exeter. 2010

The Gallery, Tavistock, 2008     

St. Nicolas Church, Dorset. 2007

St. Martins, Birmingham, 2007

St. Martins, Birmingham, 2006

London Institute CC, London, 2006

Exeter Open Studios. 2010        

The Gallery, Tavistock. 2008


English Cathedrals:
Touring Programme, ‘Contemporary Iconography’.

Truro cathedral (2)
Exeter cathedral (3)
Gloucester cathedral
Worcester cathedral (2)
Wells cathedral (3)
Hereford cathedral
Bristol cathedral
Tewksbury Abbey (2)
Southwell Minster
Winbourne Minster


Artist in Residence:

Tewksbury Abbey

St. Nicholas, Dorset


Also exhibited abroad:
Cyprus. Elements Gallery - Gloria Gallery 2017-2018
Holland. CA Arts Seminar, Doorn. 1997-2004
Greece. CArtists Festival, Thessaloniki. 2003

Italy. Multifestival David, Turino. 2002



Professional visual artist since 1990

Education: Part-time Ruskin Hall, (branch of B-ham Central School of Art) Birmingham, England. 1962-64

Exhibitor and teacher of art at CA Arts Seminar, Holland, 1997-2004

University of Exeter, UK-first year MA degree Classics and & Ancient History, Material Culture. -2004

Published Study papers written on:

Dawning of Civil Justice - Aeschylus – Retribution, Revenge to Societal Embedded Judiciary.

The Creativity of Dionysus

Dionysus and The Rejection of the Other and Lost Identity.

Defining World Views.

A member of the Institute of Professional Designers (A.I.P.D.)

A member of the International Society of Artists (I.S.A.)

Four paintings, as exhibited in Wells Cathedral, large oil paintings as below
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