22 Coloured Prints A3 size

Ancient Cyprus Landscapes

Inspiration and creative energy for these prints came from my time of many years working for the Department of Antiquities in Cyprus as an archaeological illustrator. Having been absorbed by the long history and culture of the island and together for the respect and fondness of traditional Orthodox iconography, I began to paint ancient artefacts, placed within a modern background setting. A computerised montage has then composed these elements into the artwork that finalized as prints on good quality paper.


I have endeavoured to compose in these prints something akin to the ambience found in the traditional portable ikons of the Orthodox church, with particular emphasis on the notion of ‘presence’ (Greek- Παροσια) as the figures are seen ‘en face’, representing the proto-type of the person within the ikon. My work in this series seeks to enliven the cultural landscape of ancient Cyprus.

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