The Bacchae Project


The Bacchae Project

This project aims to understand, explore and possibly reinterpret through contemporary visual art a thematic of Euripides ‘The Bacchae’. The intention is first to read Euripides, explore notions of the nature and character of Dionysus and his character traits as may be perceived in contemporary society. I aim to examine modernity’s fascination with the myth of Dionysus by focusing on questions of: agency, identity, community, psychological integrity and modern constitution of the self.  


Utilising painting (oils on canvas. 120x100cm), preliminary and explorative drawings, 3D masks and writing as mediums in the execution of the body of work. Artistic creation depends on a tension between two opposing forces, which Nietzsche terms the “Apollonian” and the “Dionysian,” although I will be focusing primarily on the creativity of the Dionysian tension.


Having begun the task whilst in Cyprus at the Cornaro Art Institute, the work is all still in-progress. The images supplied include paintings, explorative and preliminary drawings. The first exhibition at Elements Gallery Cyprus, 2018.

The Creativity of Dionysus:

For further information on the nature of the character of Dionysus, please read at this link below:

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